Removing Excess Sand From Synthetic Grass Tennis Court


Sportszone Group builds and maintains synthetic grass tennis courts. Infill material such as sand and rubber is used on these types of courts. But sometimes too much sand, rubber of other material can accumulate on a court and have a negative effect on performance.

That’s why we invested in a RenoMatic. It is able to remove infill material, sand and/or rubber, to an exact predetermined depth and quantity from artificial turf.

The infill material is loosened and gently removed gently by rotating tine shafts. A subsequent rotary brush collects the removed infill material. The removed material is captured in a hopper.

Due to the adjustable working depth of the tine shafts and rotary brush we can very precisely remove a quantity of infill material. This entire process is extremely gentle on the court.

The field with the RenoMatic in action The RenoMatic on the field in action Field After RenoMatic RenoMatic in action showing the field