Testimonial - Mal Nicholson

President Chatswood Tennis Club

Our tennis Centre has 12 synthetic grass courts where resurfacing is a recurring refurbishment exercise. Our most recent occasion in 2017 saw us call for quote submissions from three suppliers for the resurfacing of 2 courts. Sportzone (with whom we had some prior experience some years beforehand) were asked to participate.

Price, product and customer responsiveness were the main factors in our selection process. Craig was the first to respond and during the course of follow-up questions, he remained equally prompt to respond. Craig’s price and product were sufficiently competitive which, supplemented with his customer approach, won him the contract. Ironically the project suffered an adverse start as materials were potentially to be significantly delayed. Craig overcame this adversity (with a lot of personal effort) which saw the project completed on time on budget.

Craig will certainly be asked again to participate in our next resurfacing exercise.