Testimonial - Terry & Nicole Bond

Dural NSW

Being avid tennis fans, we had always dreamt of owning our own tennis court. When the long awaited opportunity came to pursue that dream, we at first were surprised and disappointed to discover that finding a suitable company was far more difficult that we had ever imagined. After several false starts we almost abandoned the idea, until a chance meeting with Craig Bowron from Sportszone. That meeting was by the side of the road near where we lived, and within minutes he was scoping the area we had set aside for our court, making suggestions and promises to help us get the project up and running. Within 24 hours we had a firm and sensible quote in our hands, along with a detailed explanation of what would happen and when, all of which were within the promises he had given us. So our first impressions were pleasant and in line with what we might expect from a professional outfit.

Craig and his team carried out the planning, preparation and completion of the court on time and within budget. He was flexible enough to co-ordinate his work around, and even in conjunction with our home builder, sometimes sharing trades to ensure the best possible integration and cost saving. The end result was as promised and we had our court completed and ready for play on Christmas Eve, only being completed that morning. This is a tribute to his work ethic and will to please his client’s.

We shouldn’t say that we were surprised by the thoroughly positive experience with Sportszone, as right from our first meeting we were impressed by Craig’s presentation, his equipment and obvious pride in his company. However the previous experiences we had caused us to doubt what could turn out to be more false promises. We had not need worry, and In comparison to those that had come before him, he stands head and shoulders above all in our opinion.

We would have no reservation is recommending Craig’s business to anyone looking to bring their tennis dreams to reality as we did.